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Advice for victims of abuse

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Making a CICA claim for abuse

If you’ve suffered any form of abuse or sexual abuse, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Whether the abuse happened as an adult or child, we can help you access the justice you deserve.

Being abused is understandably very difficult to talk about. We can offer dedicated male or female claims handlers to support you throughout your claim. We’ll support and help you report the abuse to the police so the people responsible can be held to account for their actions.

We’ll also guide you through every step of the compensation process, liaising on your behalf with the CICA, a Government-run scheme set up to help blameless victims of crime get their lives back on track.

Settlements range from £1,000 to £500,000 and are funded by taxpayers so that abuse survivors can receive the support and rehabilitation they need.

What abuse claims do the CICA handle? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

Compensation is awarded by the CICA to people who’ve suffered many different types of abuse– including:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child Abuse, including shaken baby syndrome
  • Historic child abuse
  • Historic sexual abuse
  • Abuse in children’s homes
  • Abuse in care
  • Neglect
  • Claims Against Social Services
  • Abuse at church and religious groups
  • Abuse at sports clubs – football, swimming etc
  • School abuse – public, private and boarding schools
  • Children’s clubs abuse – Scouts, Brownies, Cubs etc
  • Medical and hospital abuse
  • Abuse in a care or nursing home
What evidence do I need to make a claim? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

To start a claim with the CICA you MUST report the abuse committed against you to the police.

For most sexual assaults, the compensation awarded by the CICA is based upon the evidence in a police report, not your medical history. This is because, despite the serious nature of these offences, there often isn’t any actual medical evidence.

If medical evidence is available, we can advise you whether to submit it and explain how it could benefit your case. Sometimes it can mean your claim takes longer to deal with, but it may help you receive thousands more in compensation if psychological damage can be established.

Before applying to the CICA, we strongly recommend seeking expert legal advice because the evidence your case relies upon really does matter.

Can I claim if my attacker wasn’t convicted or is dead? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

You can still apply even if the perpetrator was never convicted or has since died.

Can I claim if I was assaulted by someone I lived with? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

If you were abused by someone you lived with you can claim compensation under the CICA scheme.

The scrapping of the unjust ‘same roof rule’ in June 2019, which had previously denied people abused by those they lived with from claiming compensation (if the abuse happened before 1 October 1979), has paved the way for thousands of people to make new claims or appeal those previously rejected under the law.

If you have previously been denied a settlement or told not to pursue a case due to the ‘same roof rule’, get in touch to start your claim.

Can a group of survivors apply at the same time? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

If an abuser targeted more than one person, we can take action on behalf of all the survivors as a group.

How long do I have to make a CICA claim? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

Knowing when to apply is crucial and it’s important to fully understand your rights.

In most cases, your claim must be received by the CICA within two years of the date when the assault took place or was reported to the police.

For historic claims the rules are slightly different. We recommend seeking legal advice as soon as you feel able to discuss the details of your case.

Should I wait to apply if the police told me to? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

We advise not to wait for the outcome of a police investigation, court hearing or criminal case, before applying to the CICA.

It might feel like the ‘right’ thing to do, but from a legal perspective there is no reason to. The CICA don’t deal with cases any quicker because of a successful conviction.

If legal matters take more than two years (which they can), you could miss out on compensation if the time limit for claiming has passed.

Don’t delay, apply today – or you may actually hinder your case!

How much CICA abuse compensation could I receive? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

The CICA has many different tariffs of abuse compensation, depending on your injuries.

One example is £44,000 for repeated rapes over a period exceeding three years.

If you’ve been subjected to more than one form of abuse, the CICA will award compensation based on the most serious offence.

What can I claim compensation for? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

Our compassionate team of abuse solicitors have experience of claiming for:

  • Physical and mental injury – pain & suffering
  • Psychological damage & trauma
  • Past or current loss of earnings
How long do CICA claims take to resolve? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

In most abuse cases, the CICA aim to settle within at least 18 months, but complex cases often last longer. No matter how long it takes, we support you at every step.

Will I need to go to court as part of a CICA claim? line-dropdown Created with Sketch.

No. Although you may be required to attend any criminal trial held as part of the police investigation into the abuse against you, it stands completely separate to civil proceedings and no court appearance forms part of the CICA process.

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